Collaborate with others

Share Libraries with your friends and colleagues to collaborate on research, exchange ideas, or show off your massive collection of interesting articles. Be aware: in return, they might send you their endless list of (unread) books on Goodreads; better yet, their total hours listened on Audible. While this may be a blow to your ego, perhaps it’s a good idea you introduced them to Scholarcy.

[.number-box-cms]1[.number-box-cms][.text-col-1]Navigate to a Library that you would like to share, then click the ‘Share’ button near the top right of the screen. Enter an email address, choose what access you want to grant them (Read Only or Editing rights), click the add email button, then click share![.text-col-1]

💡 If the friend you shared a library with decides to play up, proceeding to make edits and graffiti “fake news” all over your beloved Carl Sagan discography, you can simply hit the share button once more, then click the little eject icon ⛔ under their email. This is bound to cause tension between you both — alas, the cosmic grin from Sagan will be priceless.
🎉 Woo-hoo: You’ve made it through the entire Scholarcy guide! Great work. Now it’s time to put everything you’ve learned into practice. If you still need help with something or have a burning question, please get in touch.




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7. Collaborate